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  1. Why I want the Oilers to win
  2. If Da Oilers wins,it means this...Sabres.
  3. Stanley Cup Finals Game 7: Edmonton @ Carolina Odds
  4. Oilers vs Hurricanes - Game 7 thread
  5. MSG right now: Sabres vs. Rangers 1978
  6. Go Oilers Go!!!
  7. Carolina will win this game, and they deserve to...
  8. Hartford Whalers, Stanley Cup champions
  9. Congrats Carolina!
  10. Now the SABRES can say
  11. Whats worse....
  12. Hey NBF
  13. Congrats Carolina
  14. Anthems
  15. #24
  16. take a look at this
  17. Pucker
  18. The elusive "NEW YORK" 3rd jersey
  19. Sabres retain rights to Briere
  20. Av's re-sign Sakic
  21. Stewart and Colbert take a shot at Carolina
  22. Here's our proof that we are getting new uniforms....
  23. Sabres picked to win Cup
  24. Another article predicting a Sabres Cup Victory in 07
  25. Anybody know....
  26. SabresZone.com up and running again
  27. One good thing about The Sabs losing the playoffs
  28. Think Michigan Wolverine colors
  29. Lindy coach of the yr?
  30. The Anaheim Ducks have landed
  31. This could be interesting
  32. Oh brother
  34. Rod Brind-A-More Pics from Awards - lmao, Caption This :
  35. Hilarious article rips on Hurricanes
  36. Hurricanes broke the Cup
  37. I didn't know who to send this to for the Sabres Zone...
  38. three players that the SABRES could be interested in
  39. Luongo traded for Bertuzzi
  40. I hope that the SABRES draft
  41. 1 week to sign our FA's
  42. Sabres are grist for draft rumor mill
  43. The Buffalo Sabres Draft Day Coverage Thread
  44. Pronger wants out of Edmonton
  45. So much for keeping the team together
  46. What's up with all these kids
  47. Anyone Have Any Thoughts On Sabres' Picks?
  48. I want Lecalvier, anyone feel the same?
  49. Bid on the actual Buffalo Sabres roster card
  50. Adam Dennis
  51. Here ya go....
  52. News : Rights to G- Biron Retained
  53. News : Connolly Still Ailing, Not Ready to Return
  54. Keenan's love for Bert screw Panthers in the long run?
  55. NHL Center Ice
  56. Briere Makes Plea For Commitment
  57. Old Logo Threads Here
  58. Another Celebrity Sabres Fan Out of the closet (Pics)
  59. Vt. Man Creates the Backyard Zamboni
  60. Found this interesting! Hockey but not Sabre related
  61. Unreal. Why can't the Sabres and Leafs get off their arses and do THIS?!
  62. Mike Grier no longer a Sabre
  63. Will you guys chill with the thread merging?
  64. News : AHL To Mandate Visors in 06-07 Season
  65. So explain to me how...
  66. The non-merge thread
  67. Numminen undergoes heart surgery!
  68. Canucks apparently are the richest team in the league
  69. New SABRES jersey colors
  70. Pronger rumor - the real reason his wife wants out of Edmonton?
  71. Oiler fans are on crack
  72. Stars waive Guerin
  73. Nice read on our draft picks..
  74. Jay McKee: "I'm very dissapointed with Buffalo"
  75. Looks like JD can keep his 100 ZB's
  76. Where's the love WGR?
  77. Will you buy a new jersey?
  78. Everybody calm down...it's not that bad.
  79. The Good Points Of Not Signing our UFA's
  80. Free Agency has officially begun
  81. Buffalo Sabres 2006-2007 Free Agent Activities
  82. Maybe this is why they chose the logo that they did
  83. Leafs part ways with Belfour,Domi
  84. Oilers re-sign Pisani
  85. Not the new logos --According to Larry Quinn
  86. If we got a petition going would anyone sign it?
  87. Who Would You Like To Bring To Buffalo?
  88. Chara a Bruin
  89. Looks like Leafs out of McKee derby
  90. Oilers resign Roloson
  91. Jovanovski to Phoenix
  93. Hasek gone
  94. Defensemen are disappearing...
  95. Blake goes to L.A.
  96. Kuba to Tampa
  97. Wild sign Parrish,two defensemen
  98. Flames sign Zyuzin
  99. Canucks sign willie mitchell
  100. Caps sign pothier
  101. R angers sign cullen
  102. Langenbrunner re-signs w/Devils
  103. Eriksson re-signs w/Blue Jackets
  104. Post all Sabres new signings here
  105. Sign my petition re: the new logo
  106. Thoughts on McKee
  107. How about this for our new backup goalie?
  108. Golisano is listening..
  109. How long before
  110. Buffalo Sabres First-round draft history
  111. Yzerman to hang them up
  112. People, Please.
  113. Pronger traded to Ducks
  114. Grier to San Jose
  115. If the Sabres ever won the Stanley Cup,
  116. Briere will be the test case
  117. Teppo is BACK!!!!!
  118. What Do Ya'll Think About Matheiu Biron?
  119. Roenick to Phoenix
  120. Bettman Betting on Poorest Profits?
  121. Stars sign Barnaby
  122. Sabres Sign Spacek
  123. Forked Thread: Sabres Sign Spacek
  124. Flames sign Tanguay
  125. Did you see it?
  126. 12 Sabres go to arbitration, must be some kind of new record.
  127. Not a bad deal
  128. Arniel back to Winnipeg to coach Moose
  129. D Spacek Agrees to Sign With Sabres; 12 Opt for Arbitration
  130. Janik Joins Lightning
  133. Vanek to Tampa Bay?
  134. Biron waiting for trade
  135. Noronen upset over 'Nucks role
  136. Forked Thread: Did you see it?
  137. I think I figured this NEW logo out
  138. Peca to the Leafs????
  139. Umberger reaches deal w/Flyers
  140. Some Thoughts on Why the "New" Sabres will Win in the New NHL
  141. Look what I got in the mail today
  142. Sabrebike could unlock the clues
  143. Buffalo's expensive offseason
  145. Kill The Buffaslug
  146. Shanahan To the Rangers
  147. Peters signed
  148. New Briere Wallpaper *POLL*
  149. Letters /Our readers speak out
  150. Worst Ebay Auction EVER!!!!
  151. Buffalo Sabres Fights
  152. yo sabre11
  153. LMAO
  154. Who Is Your Current Favorite Buffalo Sabres Player?
  155. Sens in 3-way trade
  156. New Idea's for the Genious Front Office
  157. I actually couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking
  158. Sabres Prospect Defensemen Jan Hejda To Edmonton
  159. Which younger players Prospects will challenge to crack the big club this year.
  160. I want more people to talk Sabres in the Sabres forum.
  161. The designer of the NEW Sabres jersey
  162. Campbell signs
  163. Do You Need Conference Finals Highlights that Bad!?!
  164. What Prospect is most likely to impact Roster Next Year....
  165. Schedule comes out today!
  166. got an email re: the petition
  167. Opening Night: BUFFALO@CAROLINA
  168. A hint about the hideous, ugly logo
  169. Darcy on GR55
  170. Any of you Photoshop wizzes out there. I have an assignment
  171. www.FixTheLogo.com
  172. Hey JD
  173. Luce is gone
  174. leighton gone......
  175. Biron Trade Rumors
  176. Pyatt traded to Canucks
  177. Sabres sign Sekera to 3 years..
  178. Center Derek Roy and Defensemen Nathan Paetsch Sign Qualifying Offers
  179. Biron Traded?? --rumor
  180. The best analogy of the new logo yet!
  181. I miss Empire..
  183. Hey All, I Found an Old Video Tape, with an old move on it (Video Included)
  184. Let's hear the predictions...
  185. Lindros to Dallas?
  186. Biron to who??
  187. It's too bad we lost Leighton
  188. SABRE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  189. The OFFICIAL Goalie Fight THREAD
  190. Funny stuff.. lol
  191. Jay walking keeps Sabres off one-way street
  192. Sabres fight thread
  193. Creator of FixthelogoDOTcom on morning radio
  194. ROFLMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. Actually there is a Sword in the new logo
  196. Leafs sign Peca
  197. Neil Smith quit/fired by Islanders
  198. Thanks to Drew Celestino (FixTheLogo)
  199. First Smith, now Pat LaFontaine
  200. Slug with Swords Logo/Jerseys
  201. Now this is how it's done!!!
  202. Garth Snow retires...
  203. Briere to Lead off Abritration Hearings...
  204. What's the worst logo out there?
  205. Well, this is pretty much amazing...
  206. Ducks to PLay At Honda Center...
  207. Goalie Belfour negotiating with Panthers
  208. Who will fill Taylor Pyatt's and Mike Greir on the roster...
  209. Briere's Arbitration, Salary or Post Arbitration Discussion - Merged
  210. Who will be the next Sabres assistant coach
  211. Galisano Logo Fakeout! Listen up!
  213. Sabres fans ranting over sword-less logo
  214. Not to beat a dead horse or anything..
  215. Kotalik signed for 3 years
  216. Our Logo
  217. 2006-07 Sabres Salaries
  218. I don't understand all the Briere angst.
  219. This Is What the last 4 days have done to me.. PIC inside
  220. Sabres payroll story
  221. Offseason: so far so good
  222. Mike Gilbert, Buffalo Sabres spokes person on WBEN
  223. Rumor: Big Trade Between Sabres/Canucks/Oilers
  224. OnA live on Buffalo radio for the first time in 4 years today!
  225. So for $5mil who would you rather have?
  226. James Patrick joins Sabres Coaching staff
  227. THe Ultimate Test for Arbitrator.....
  228. Pominville Signs Multi-Year Deal, New Uniforms
  229. Buffalo Sabres sign Lydman to a long term deal!
  230. Ideas For A New Sabres Bumper Sticker...
  231. Sabres to wear original uni's for 15 home games
  232. The SLUG will die because...
  233. Training Camp
  234. I gotta get me one of these!
  235. Name the new logo...
  236. Connolly Signs
  237. My prediction.
  238. Interesteing Article Concerning The New Jersey's!
  239. Forked Thread: Opening Night: BUFFALO@CAROLINA
  240. why the Sabres chose this new logo
  241. New shoulder patch announced!
  242. what I think the new Sabres jersey might look like
  243. Paul Guastad Signed - Expect Announcement Soon
  245. are these going to be the tight fitting jerseys that they're talking about?
  246. Timmy 3 years 8.9 mil. Gaustad 2 years 1.425 mil.
  247. The Movie Quote Guy is BACK!
  248. Hasek to DETROIT... again
  249. Any word on JP Dumont....
  250. For the New Logo Haters.....