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Earthquake Enyart
03-05-2003, 06:51 AM
Taken from different posts: :snicker:

I'm just saying I don't like anyone ganging up on the unsuspecting and this thing should be approached as a team. If anyone is going to be underminded and do things to take advantage of others on the team it will all come out in the end and I am going to hunt them down like the dogs that they are and exact revenge on them far above and beyond any benefits they gained from taking advantage of others. If none of this is going on then the team is not falling apart and you can just forget the whole thing. But if these things are going on then the team is well on it's way to falling apart it has nothing to do with what I am saying here. I told you guys I have no idea how this game works I've never watched Survivor on TV so I don't understand it.

Well Jaded, how do you expect someone to react when they have a good but learning attitude about the game but don't know the first thing how to play it and no one will tell them. Plus the busy bodies who are supposed to be your teammates are probably too damn busy forming alliances to spend some time getting their so called teammates up to speed on things. How do you expect someone to react?

At this point I pretty much have figured out an alliance is some sort of pact where people are agreeing to vote in certain directions and i'm sure we have some social clicks that are going to leave several team oriented people right out in the cold in the long run. Of course someone on my team couldn't help me with this I had to get help from outside the team...I have gotten more help in learning what to expect from people on the other team as a matter of fact. So don't come in here and sell me this teamwork attitude until you are going to step up to the plate and act like a team player yourself.

Sorry Jaded, but your "team player" appearance is just a front you are putting fourth until later in the game when your little group is in a voting majority.

Frankly, you're dooming yourself by tearing a member of your team apart the way you have been doing. You're a mean, nasty player full of venom and hate. And frankly I haven't done anything to warrant this kind of abuse.

Jaded on the show those people don't know each other when the game commences. You had everything all sewn up on the voting before the game even started. When did you watch the show and see half the participants on a team get together the night before the game started and determine how they were going to vote? Doesn't happen I am sure. You are just trying to take advantage of several people on this team so don't give me your innocent attitude crap. In fact, I just had a second person on your team PM me telling me they knew you were a back stabber and they don't want any part of you any more.

The only thing I am doing Jaded is lobbying to get rid of you and break down your alliance so the rest of us can get a fair shake in the voting. If that is an alliance then so be it but I am not forming an alliance to take advantage of anyone I am just trying to thwart everyone who isn't in your alliance from being taken advantage of.

Of course you aren't Jaded. Because I am threatening your ultimate voting power. And this isn't a result of any insecurities either it's the truth and you know it. You just are putting up this front because you know I am right and concerned others will figure out the truth. You are the one that is trying to rip this team apart not me. If it weren't for your underhanded tactics we wouldn't be going through this right now! Do you think I would just single someone else out if it weren't you? Well you are wrong. I am singling you out because you are doing all the things I am accusing you of.

Can you feel the love??:heart: