View Full Version : FINAL: Round 2: BillC defeats THATHURMANATOR 13-9

05-15-2003, 08:43 AM

Round 2 will be limericks. That's right, not only does it take original insults, but also some skill to win this game.

<i>For the uneducated, a limerick is a five-line poem written with one couplet and one triplet. If a couplet is a two-line rhymed poem, then a triplet would be a three-line rhymed poem. The rhyme pattern is a a b b a with lines 1, 2 and 5 containing 3 beats and rhyming, and lines 3 and 4 having two beats and rhyming. Some people say that the limerick was invented by soldiers returning from France to the Irish town of Limerick in the 1700's.</i>


<i>There once was a parson named Bings
Who talked about God and such things.
But his secret desire
Was to join a mixed choir
With nice ladies with whom he'd have flings.</i>

<b>Please note that I did not write the above limerick. It sucks.</b>

Notice lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme.

If that's too tough for you, you shouldn't be here. If only BOA had made it to round 2. :snicker:

Each contestant will take turns insulting each other. This round will consist of just <b>5 turns</b> apiece, so make them good.

IMPORTANT: You should write ONLY a 5-line limerick in each post, NOTHING ELSE! Voters should deduct points for any words typed which are not a part of a limerick.

And remember, no editing your post once it's submitted!

THATHURMANATOR will go first. (smallest margin of victory in Round 1)

05-15-2003, 01:45 PM
There once was a jerk named Dozer
who uses alias's and is a poser
He thought it was cool
but he's really a fool
If he thought he could step to THATHURMANATOR

05-15-2003, 05:19 PM

In the backseat of an AMC Gremlin, a naked couple shared sperm

bumping uglies were a guy with mullett, and a chick with a bad perm

After 45 seconds there was a moan followed by splatter....

But something went wrong with the baby batter......

Thus was conceived the ****** named Thurm

05-15-2003, 08:05 PM
Bill C just thinks he's so witty
but these rhymes you write are so Damn sh1tty
I think your a jerk
and you continue to lurk
Please don't expect me to show you some pity

05-15-2003, 08:13 PM
There once was a quarterback named Bledsoe
Who is #1 because ThatThurminator said so
It used to be Jim Kelly
Who T followed with KY Jelly
And begged him to play "Tickle me Elmo"

05-16-2003, 09:32 AM
There once was this poster named Billie
Who had and embarrassingly small willie
which made him so mad
when his girlfriend got sad
and said his weiner looked so damn silly

05-16-2003, 10:03 AM
There once was a idiot who tried to steal some beer.
He was caught by a fat pansy cashier. :bigmike:
Wegman’s caught it on tape
As he tried to escape
He should of concealed it in his man-boobs brassiere

05-16-2003, 12:01 PM
So BillC thinks that he's the Chief
Well then he and I will have beef
Your nothing but scum
I'll kick your fat bum
Feel lucky that you still have your teeth

05-16-2003, 01:29 PM
There once was a loser fron section 122
Who carried some serious wood for Drew
He stalked him in the flesh
wearing nothing but a hat made of mesh
Waving pom poms and shouting "I love You!"

05-16-2003, 01:41 PM
Well you say Im the one who loves Drew
but isn't it him you said you wanted to screw?
Well if thats the case
Im outta this place
You said it was him you wish you had blew!

05-16-2003, 02:19 PM
It's been a lot of fun sparring with this drunk
A Ublink wanna-be and two bit punk
With vomit on his clothes
beer coming out his nose
This loser definately ain't got the funk

05-16-2003, 02:19 PM
Good job guys! Voting wraps up at 1am eastern tonight!

05-16-2003, 02:20 PM
Nice work, Thurm!

It was an honor and a pleasure abusing you!

Let's do this again sometime soon.......:up:

05-16-2003, 02:26 PM
BillsC was dropping more bombs than the Bible has psalms!

Word up, Yo!


05-16-2003, 02:26 PM
WOW! That was great guys! :up:

Once again, I don't know who to vote for. You both had me :rofl:

05-16-2003, 02:54 PM
Nice job y'all!

05-16-2003, 03:35 PM
Originally posted by BillC
Nice work, Thurm!

It was an honor and a pleasure abusing you!

Let's do this again sometime soon.......:up:

Same to you!!! GOOD WORK!

05-16-2003, 04:05 PM

HEY people if you want to vote for me you need to hit the button next to my name not BillC's!!!

Thank you for your time!

05-16-2003, 04:40 PM

Way to lead the masses there, Thurm!

Maybe when my old lady gets elected, you can stop by the White House, one Prez to another. I'll take you up on Air Force One!

05-16-2003, 04:45 PM

05-16-2003, 07:20 PM