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06-06-2009, 10:18 AM

From WalterFootball.com:
http://www.walterfootball.com/college/Miami_logo.gif Jason Fox, Miami
Height: 6-6. Weight: 302.
Projected 40 Time: 5.03.
Projected Round (2010): 3-4.
2/9/09: Missed some time with a leg injury as a junior.

7/27/08: An athletic left tackle who has been a starter for Miami ever since he arrived on campus.

9/7/09- vs. Fla St- Very quick feet for a OT. Blocks a bit high in pass protection.

9/17/09- vs. Georgia Tech- Nimble for sure. He isnt the type of LT that will wall off the stronger DE's... he will get blown back.

12/20/09- vs. Georgia Tech (replay)- Swapping between RT and LT in this game. Nice up the field block on a run play. Locks on and is difficult to get around, pushed 51 back (1st &;35). Nice job creating a wall and giving his QB time at LT (1st 7:09). Another good job walling off the DE on a long TD throw (1st 6:36). To be accurate, the DE, 97, Robert Hall isn't going full bore either. Albeit a quick play where Morgan wasnt really pushing but rather getting off the block and trying to go to the ball, Fox looked like he could handle his push (1st 4:23). Dominated Morgan and took him out of the run play (1st 3:46). Shows his ability to slide and make the pocket on this play against 97, Hall (1st 3:05). Another nice job sliding at LT against 41 (1st 1:01). Shows quickness to get to his second level block on the LB on a run play... but also show he can block to high ta times (1st 0:17). Another great job taking the DE out of the play on a nice pass (2nd 14:54). The replay right after that play really show what he does in that play. Again stopped Morgan on the right side, Harris rolled to the left and throws a TD (2nd 13:33). Falt out dominates the LB, 41, and creates a nice lane for the RB (2nd 2:30). DE tried a spin move on him and he recovered to maintain the block (2nd 1:21). Can get pushed back at times, but it doesn't seem to be a consistent issue (3rd 13:03). Pancacked the DE, Hall (3rd 14:47). On this play, he lined up outside the RT and took on a blitzing LB, he stayed with him, and created the pocket (3rd 14:16). Does a good jobin the run, pushes and plays with a decent motor, doesnt give up (3rd 11:50). Another nice job holding Morgan at bay on a bull rush in a pass play (3rd 5:24). Held up Morgan on the next run play (3rd 4:54). Engulfed Morgan and made him a non-factor on a run play (3rd 4:20). Shows some real nastiness on a long run play (4th 14:19). More nasty run blocking (4th 5:19).

In this game, he was dominant at times showing nastiness in the run game, very good quickness and mobility, and enough strength to hold Derrick Morgan at bay in pass downs. He pretty much dominated the other DE, Hall. He doesn't have the long arms that the NFL covets and he doesnt have elite athletic ability like Okung or Campbell. But, as I said, he has above average quickness, footwork, and mobility for the position. I didn't see really any plays where he was beat around the edge or was over matched. Thats saying something considering he had several one on one match ups with Derrick Morgan, one of the best DE prospects in the upcoming draft, and he held his own. It appears hes a guy who could use more strength in his upper body, he will get pushed back a bit at times. But, he still holds his blocks and holds his ground. He showed an ability to handle the spin move, and showed he can get to the second level and block LB'ers in the run game. He plays with a good motor and can play nasty at times. With his size, and quickness, he seems to be able to handle LT duties in the NFL. I think hes a solid 2nd round prospect who might sneak into late round 1.

12/21/09- vs. Virginia Tech (replay)- Rain is coming down in sheets on a grass field. Conditions are slick. Harris is sacked by Dorian Porch on the right side, Fox was on the left (2nd 10:57). Harris is sacked by Jason Worilds but it wasn't Fox's man, Fox was responsible for blocking #47, Nekos Brown, which he did. Worilds came in on the G and behind Fox for the sack on a 3rd and 17 play (2nd 12:09). Great job walling off the defender on a run play to his side (3rd 3:36). Harris again sacked in the pocket by Worilds, but again it wasnt Fox's man, Fox blocked Brown effectively even though Harris held on to the ball too long (3rd 1:24).

12/21- Injured left knee. http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/story/1390865.html