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06-26-2009, 06:24 AM
As you will see we have made a new Forum in the Scouting Zone called the Draft Guide. The purpose of this is to use a section of this forum to act as a database for prospect information much like you might see on ConDraft, or NFLDraftSite.

It works like this:

1) I have given a list of the top prospects at each position for the 2010 NFL Draft. I only ranked the few that I know of and have some opinion on at this point. But, the lists are long and include over 400 prospects. As we go through the year I will revise the list.

2) Each and every player has a profile thread started that will be used to collect all relevant information on that player throughout the year. The plan is to use the threads as the worksheet where we can add notes, links, photos, etc...The positional ranking contains links that go directly to the players profile thread.

3) A month or so before the draft, I will collect this information and use it as the basis for a printable draft guide. But we will still keep the database open.

The search functions work! You will now be able to come into the BZ and search for prospects based on where they play, position, or just name. To say it another way, if Notre Dame plays Michigan, you can search for prospects from both teams and it will give you a list of who to watch!

To use the search in this manner:

I have made the prospect profile threads such that the title includes the position and the college.

1) Use the college name for the Keyword, and select "search titles only"
2) Select "Draft Guide" in the "search in forum" field
3) Click search now

Why is this cool?

I think us fans may find that it becomes a wealth of information on prospects.

It lets us all actively bring information to these profile threads to make them a single point source for everything related to that player.

A request:

Feel free to bring me any information, pictures, links, etc... to the prospect profile threads. I will edit the original post to includes the information. All I ask is for us to refrain from back and forth discussion in these prospect profile threads. We could certainly always start a new thread to argue about a player if need be.

I just would like to keep the player profile threads clean and concise as much as possible.