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http://www.walterfootball.com/college/Miami_logo.gif Allen Bailey, Miami
Height: 6-4. Weight: 288.
Projected 40 Time: 4.80.
Projected Round (2011):

2010 Preseason Comments:

6/28/2010-"It also doesn't hurt that he has such a Bunyanesque background; he once killed an alligator with a shovel. Bailey led UM in sacks (seven) and TFLs (11) last season despite bouncing between tackle and end... I've been his roommate for three years. Our freshman year, he picked me up by my feet with one hand and hung me upside down," said VanDyke, who added that he's also witnessed Bailey power-clean 400 pounds, vertical 39 inches and run a 4.65 40." Source: http://insider.espn.go.com/ncf/blog?name=feldman_bruce&id=5322140


9/14/2010- vs. Ohio St.

1st Qtr:
14:30- Nice stop on the run.
13:35- Nice job diagnosing teh run and shedding the block for the tackle.
12:44- Blows his man to the ground. If he had gotten back up quicker he could have had a big play in the backfield, he has really good explosiveness.
12:12- Solid job holding his ground and then shedding the block to get in on the play.

2nd Qtr:
12:49- Blows through a double team and almost gets the sack on Pryor.
8:52- Great job waiting on the play and then blowing off the block for a big tackle for loss. Has very good wits about him and plays smart.

Bailey was a disruptive force in this game. He plays smart and will wait for the right time to chuck the block and make the play. He has good quickness and above average strength.

11/21/2010- vs. Clem

1st Qtr:


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