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07-25-2010, 12:41 PM
http://www.walterfootball.com/college/Stanford_logo.gif Chris Owusu*, WR, Stanford
Height: 6-2. Weight: 201.
Projected 40 Time: 4.46.
Projected Round (2011):

Career Stats:
<table class="tablehead" border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr class="colhead" align="right"><td align="left">YEAR</td><td>REC</td> <td>YDS</td> <td>AVG</td> <td>LNG</td> <td>TD</td> <td>ATT</td> <td>YDS</td> <td>AVG</td> <td>LNG</td> <td>TD</td> <td>FUM</td> <td>LST</td> </tr> <tr class="oddrow" align="right"> <td align="left">2008</td> <td>5</td> <td>80</td> <td>16.0</td> <td>41</td> <td>0</td> <td>0</td> <td>0</td> <td>0.0</td> <td>0</td> <td>0</td> <td>0</td> <td>0</td> </tr><tr class="evenrow" align="right"> <td align="left">2009</td> <td>37</td> <td>682</td> <td>18.4</td> <td>63</td> <td>5</td> <td>12</td> <td>66</td> <td>5.5</td> <td>15</td> <td>0</td> <td>0</td> <td>0</td></tr></tbody></table>
Preseason Comments:

7/25/2010- Chris Owusu is a very explosive receiver who can burst out for big yards. Having Luck throwing to him wont hurt him any. Hes got the size to battle for the ball, but could use some more upper body muscle. He needs to step up even more this year and be the go to guy. Hes also got some talent as a kick returner.

1/4/2011- vs. VT

1st Qtr:
14:55- Decent return but doesn't seem to have much ability to "wiggle"

2nd Qtr:
10:15- Doesn't seem to have that much as a return man.