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07-02-2003, 01:30 AM

lordofgun: You're STILL up?
lordofgun: geez, go to bed already!
jimijames2: LOL
lordofgun: i mean, seriously
jimijames2: I-)
lordofgun: get with it, man
jimijames2: too early
lordofgun: your behavior is unnacceptable.
jimijames2: so is your spelling ;)
lordofgun: we're going to have to start disciplinary procedures against you.
jimijames2: :D
lordofgun: how you been, man?>
jimijames2: hanging in there man.. how about you?
lordofgun: doin good. except for this whole summer thing.
jimijames2: don't like summer?
lordofgun: i like fall better
lordofgun: summer's ok I guess
lordofgun: if there weren't so many freaking bugs. :(
jimijames2: I hear ya.. I like summer when its around 80 with low humidity - which works out to probably 7-10 days out of 3 months...
jimijames2: LOL - yeah, Im not a big fan of the bugs either
lordofgun: I know. :(
lordofgun: I like ladybugs, but that's it.
jimijames2: hehehe
lordofgun: and no i don't like moths, so don't even ask.
jimijames2: LOL
jimijames2: bugs make me shreik like a little girl
jimijames2: :D
lordofgun: same here
lordofgun: oh yeah, and I like praying mantises.
jimijames2: no way, those things skeeve me out...
lordofgun: but not butterflies.
jimijames2: arent't they illegal to kill?
lordofgun: that's what I hear.
jimijames2: hmm... wonder why...
lordofgun: i would like to be a praying mantis policeman.
lordofgun: trying to catch people killing them
jimijames2: LOL
lordofgun: that would be awesome.
jimijames2: i sure as hell wouldnt kill one - they're too big - I might just end up pissing it off...
lordofgun: I would go up to innocent people in their back yard and accuse them of killing some...
jimijames2: LOL
lordofgun: ...then when they got all scared, they would rat out their neighbors.
jimijames2: hehehe
lordofgun: I think I'll start a thread about this.
jimijames2: you been hittin the sauce again?
jimijames2: :D
jimijames2: j/k
lordofgun: LOL
jimijames2: I have some cool bug pics I took - hang on..
jimijames2: I hate bugs, but its amazing to see them close up..
lordofgun: sweet
lordofgun: I think I'll post this entire conversation.
jimijames2: LOL, cool
jimijames2: are you on trillian right now?
lordofgun: yes
jimijames2: bah...
lordofgun: i'll switch

Sabre Ally
07-02-2003, 01:42 AM

07-02-2003, 01:42 AM
Getting desparate for posts?

07-02-2003, 05:43 AM
He's just trying to expand the gap some more between himself and Eb. ;)