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01-19-2003, 08:45 AM

Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury put up some very impressive numbers in college, but he is a bad looking pro prospect. He throws a lazy ball, can't throw a spiral to save his life, and is clearly a product of the system he played in. It was obviously that talent wise, he didn't belong in Mobile. Carson Palmer showed this week why he's been rated as my #1 QB and #1 player overall for 4 months. He throws with velocity, showed accuracy and touch, and also was able to throw accurately rolling out to his lef and right side. He's got great size, pocket presence, and athleticism. Clearly the #1 prospect at his position.

Texas' Chris Simms really impressed with his size, arm strength, footwork, and overall play. He has a quick release, made good decisions with the football, threw accurately, but needs to learn when to take something off his shorter passes. He was also effective in his rollouts. Showed that he can start in the NFL and is likely a late first round pick.

Defensive Line:

The South's DL was lead by the play of Clemson DT Nick Eason and Texas A&M DT Ty Warren. Both players were extremely impressive all week. Eason is built like a monster and had the biggest arms in the game period. He showed very good quickness off the ball, the ability to collapse the pocket, had a very nice bull rush, and also took on the double team well. He used his hands well and was able to defeat blockers and make plays. Warren was equally impressive. He appeared to be the most athletic of the DT's and showed very good initial quickness and had a stable of inside moves which allowed him to defeat the blockers. He moves well vertically and showed the ability to move laterally in pursuit and make plays. He used his hands well and showed the body control and strength to play in the trenches.


The LB's were led by TCU's LaMarcus McDonald(6004, 209) and Hawaii's Pisa Tinoisamoa(5117, 222). Both players played with aggression and intensity and were probably the two best LB's in the game period.

Todd Johnson was the most impressive safety as he showed good range, good coverage skills, and reacted well to run/pass. He's a reliable tackler and plaYs very smart.


01-19-2003, 08:50 AM
Saturday, January 18
Walton, North defense upstage South's offensive stars

<h3>North 17, South 0</h3>
Associated Press

MOBILE, Ala. -- Shane Walton only needed to touch the ball once to make the biggest play.

The Notre Dame defensive back returned an interception 99 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to help the North win the Senior Bowl 17-0 on Saturday.

"Anytime a cornerback touches the ball, his goal is to get into the end zone,'' said Walton, who returned two of his seven interceptions for touchdowns as a senior. "You don't get the ball too much.''

Walton outshined some of college football's biggest offensive names, picking off Texas star Chris Simms' pass at the goal line and racing untouched down the left sideline with 9:13 left.

It was the longest return in Senior Bowl history, topping Fred Weary's 97-yarder in 1998.

Penn State's Larry Johnson carried 13 times for a game-high 59 yards for the North and was selected the game's MVP.

The South's star-studded offense was mostly done in by mistakes, with three turnovers and a missed field goal keeping the North's shutout intact.

01-19-2003, 09:00 AM
<h3>Mel Kiper Jr's evaluation of the Senior Bowl Rosters</h3> (http://espn.go.com/ncf/2003seniorbowl/rosterevaluation.html)

(Round projected)

9 LB Clifton Smith 6-1 251 Syracuse
(5th) Needs to lose weight; some trouble running laterally

42 LB Matt Wilhelm 6-3 237 Ohio State
(6th) Productive overachiever; needs good DT play

51 LB Gerald Hayes 6-0 231 Pittsburgh
(1st-2nd) Excellent player coming off good season

55 LB Angelo Crowell 6-0 230 Virginia
(3rd-5th) Around the ball, makes a lot of plays

57 DL Chris Kelsay 6-4 270 Nebraska
(1st-2nd) Good week; appears to be over hamstring injury

58 DL Kevin Williams 6-4 301 Oklahoma St.
(1st-2nd) Sheds blocks, has upfield explosion to passer

81 DL Michael Haynes 6-3 274 Penn State
(2nd-3rd) Adequate size but know how to get to the QB

86 DL Tyler Brayton 6-6 269 Colorado
(2nd-3rd) Will move to DE; good battler

92 DL Tully Banta-Cain 6-2 255 California
(2nd) Technically sound, natural pass rusher

97 DL Kenny Peterson 6-2 293 Ohio State
(1st-2nd) Quick and explosive

98 DL Anthony Adams 5-11 290 Penn State
(3rd) Quick, productive and intense


10 LB Pisa Tinoisamoa 6-0 222 Hawaii
(Second day or FA) Size an issue; could be special teams

11 LB Bradie James 6-2 240 LSU
(3rd-4th) Natural talent; needs work on getting through traffic

44 LB LaMarcus McDonald 6-0 209 TCU
(3rd) Tough and productive; quick and explosive

51 DL Jamaal Green 6-2 265 Miami
(Second day) Technically sound; gets most out of ability

52 LB Mark Brown 6-0 228 Auburn
(Second day) Solid college player

54 DL Kindal Moorehead 6-2 288 Alabama
(5th-6th) Showed some pass-rush ability

55 DL Kenny King 6-2 278 Alabama
(3rd-4th) Versatile but doesn't always play to talent level

94 DL Ty Warren 6-5 298 Texas A&M
(2nd-3rd) Physically talented and explosive

95 DL Jerome McDougle 6-1 264 Miami
(1st-2nd) Natural pass rusher with good closing speed

96 DL Jarret Johnson 6-3 286 Alabama
(4th) Versatile; hustler who never quits

97 DL Nick Eason 6-3 295 Clemson
(2nd) Quick, moves well; flashes first-round ability

98 LB Mario Haggan 6-2 252 Mississippi St.
(Second day) Could be good combination player

99 DL Andrew Williams 6-2 262 Miami
(5th-7th) Has ability, probably a rotation guy

01-21-2003, 01:38 PM
I saw and heard alot about Mr. Eason down here in ATL. He could be a good pass rush guy and hopefully take som pressure off of big pat.

01-21-2003, 04:54 PM
I second that thought, Winfield. It's going to be tough to find a decent value pick in a need area if there is a run on D-linemen as some predict will happen. Eason has enough size combined with some quickness and tenacity it looks like.