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Thread: Congratulations to the winners of the Zone awards!

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    Congratulations to the winners of the Zone awards!

    Zoner of the Year: Devin
    Best Bills Zone poster: Lifetime Bills Fan
    Best TZ Poster: Devin
    Best Spin Zone Poster: Dr.Lecter
    Best No TOS Poster: Forward_Lateral
    Best Sabres Zone Poster: Skatezilla
    Best Male Zoner: Devin
    Best Female Zoner: shelby
    Best Newbie: Coach Sal
    Best Canadian Poster: northernbillfan
    Best Zoner non-Bills fan: Lt FinFan
    Zone Draft Expert: DraftBoy
    Brian Moorman award {most underrated poster}: hammerbillsfan
    Willis McGahee award {most overrated poster}: THATHURMANATOR
    Best Couple: Mikey82 and The_Philster
    Zone Town Drunk: northernbillfan
    Smartest Zoner: Ebenezer
    Tailgater of the Year: The_Philster
    Best sig: hammerbillsfan
    Best avatar: Mad Bomber
    Most generous Zoner: Lt FinFan
    Funniest Zoner: Devin
    Most Talented Zoner: JJamezz
    Thread of the Year: Insult Tourney Finals Devin Vs. LOG
    Best Storyteller: Devin
    Best Billszone Mod: Devin
    Friendliest Poster: Eric Stratton
    Hardest Working Zone Staffer: The_Philster
    Jimmy Carter Award {best peacemaker}: shelby
    Comeback Poster of the Year: shelby
    Most Attractive Zoner: Valerie
    Best Smack Talker: Devin
    Bills game of the year: shutout vs. the fish at home
    Most Conceited Zoner: THATHURMANATOR
    Biggest Attention Whore: THATHURMANATOR
    Most Sarcastic Zoner: R. Rich
    Buffalo Bills MVP: Lee Evans
    Worst Poster: Feel The Pain
    Biggest Rep Whore: Skooby
    Worst Whiner: The_Philster
    T. O. Award {biggest troublemaker}: Earthquake Enyart
    Zoner that needs to STFU: SABURZFAN
    Houdini Award: helmetguy
    Biggest Jerk: Earthquake Enyart
    Mike Mularkey Award {dumbest poster}: Feel The Pain
    Worst Mod: lordofgun
    Zoner Nerd: The_Philster
    Zoner most likely to be banned: ICE
    Finmama Award {worst spelling and grammar}: Paladin Warrior
    Nick Saban Award {biggest BS artist}: ICE
    Sinbad Award {least funny Zoner}: The_Philster

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for playing!

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    Re: Congratulations to the winners of the Zone awards!

    A drunken canuck...look out!!!
    When I die, please don't let my wife sell my camera equipment for what I told her I paid for it.

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