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Thread: New Hotties.

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    New Hotties.

    First of all, Iím changing the team name. This is no longer the Hotties or the *****es. I know that names are not a big deal, but we need to wipe out the idea of being a hottie or a *****. Weíll call our team the Boozehounds.

    I sent everyone a PM, explaining my plan but I figure Iíll give it one more rundown. If you look at the names on this new team, youíll find 5 of the strongest players left in this game. The 5 of us played huge roles in all of our teams Victories. I contend that the 5 of us should be able to systematically mow down the other team. Weíre back to Group challenges here guys.

    I ask you one thing! What have you got to lose? Letís just go into the first challenge loaded for bear. Letís go into this thing ready to kick some A$$. If we win it, Weíre up 5-4. Then we win the next and weíre up 5-3. Thereís no reason why we canít dominate. Who knows when Log is going to merge us again, but letís make that decision for him. Heíll have to merge us when weíre up 5-1.

    I want your thoughts. I want you to tell me what you have to lose, by giving 100% to beat the new *****es!
    Resign our own guys!

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    Here we go with the "I" again....

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