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Thread: Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

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    Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

    Sean Canfield, Oregon State
    Height: 6-3 1/2. Weight: 221.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.12.
    Projected Round (2010): 5-6.

    12/22/09- vs. BYU, MAACO Bowl- Nice size, certainly seems muscular enough. Bad touch on short route in the flat (1st 13:05). Throwing motion is average, not a fast release but not slow. Playing a good deal under center. Ran for a TD on a QB draw (1st 8:46). The wind is blowing, but he has yet to complete a pass (1st 0:02). Starting to pick up his game. Throws an nice completion to the right (2nd 3:20). His throws seem to lack zip. I wont say his arm isnt NFL worthy, but its on the edge. Put the ball on the money to #87, right between two defenders, but the receiver couldn't hang on (2nd 1:27). Overthrew the next throw over the middle to a guy that wasn't open (2nd 1:27). Not a runner, hes a pocket passer. Off target on an easy short throw (3rd 8:01). Nice job feeling the pressure and throwing a 1st down (3rd 6:10). Having a nice series. Struggled early and now is building momentum. Would seem to lack consistency. Threw another ball with a slow velocity to end the drive (3rd 1:54). So, his receivers have hands like feet (they stink) today but he just cant manage to get the ball to his guys. Showed a bit of a decent arm but also threw behind his man on a fairly long throw (4th 13:07). Decent looking mid range throw (4th 11:21). Nice job putting the ball on the money, to a well covered receiver, on another intermediate route (4th 10:36). Not very impressive ibn any one area. Average arm strength, average pocket presence, average decision making. At this point hes likely to go in a late round or be un-drafted.

    Sean Canfield appears to be just average in all areas. He has average arm strength, average pocket awareness, and average decision making. He has the size NFL teams will like, but what else? Canfield could be added as a 4th QB to a team, and has a chance to move his way up. But there's little upside, so his chances would seem small.

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