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Thread: Roger Saffold, OT, Indiana

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    Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana

    Rodger Saffold, Indiana
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 319.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.13.
    Projected Round (2010): 3.

    2/20/2010- vs. Iowa (replay)- Tall, relatively thin build. Starts at LT. Quick feet for a big man, kick slides pretty well. Doing a decent job creating the wall on the pass (1st 12:17). Gets knocked down on his run block pretty badly. The defender just dropped his shoulder and blew Roger to the ground. (1st 11:49). Does a decent job locking on and maintaining is blocks. (1st 10:43). A better blocker than one might expect, hes pretty polished. Athletic and doesn't lumber around, but may not have the lateral speed to play LT in the NFL. Like Trent Williams, he has borderline quickness to play LT. He may start early at RT and be evaluated on the left side. Could be a solid pass protector early. Expanding on his polish, he seems to move well from side to side and adjust his position to be squared up well against the defender. Took his defender down on this play by shoving him to the ground. (1st 4:08). Another great job on a one on one pass block. Adjusted of the DE's punch, reset his feet, and maintained the wall. (2nd 0:48). Made a decent initial pass block but didn't slide well and was beaten around the edge. Luckily the ball was already out. (3rd 5:44). Showed real nastiness on this run block on a QB keeper to his side. (3rd 3:25). Although he didn't slide as much as he should of, he sustained his block and prevented the DE from closing in. (3rd 2:41). Missed his run block on LB, who then made the tackle. He ran out to him, but didn't set his feet and wall him off. (3rd 0:25). Shows some more nastiness on this pass play, using his hands to negate the DE's moves. (4th 14:56). Yet another great job owning the DE and taking him out of the pass rush (4th 14:13). This play is a highlight reel play. Flat out battles with the DE, moves with him and takes him out of the game. Very nice job staying with the defender and showing the type of nastiness that teams will love. (4th 13:53).Even this late in the game is till walling off the defender and take them out of the play. (4th 0:48).

    Impressive polish in his pass protection, good athleticism, can get beaten but with some more work on his footwork, should develop into a very good pass protector. His run blocking could use some work, will get out of position. Again needs to set his feet and sustain his blocks better. But, he shows a nasty streak, and with his athleticism and decent strength, should be solid in the run game as well. A good prospect who is probably a 3rd rounder at this point.

    2/20/2010- E-W Shrine (replay)- Nice job owning Jorgenson as the LT on a run play. (1st 1:11). Missed another run block. (3rd 5:54). False start penalty (3rd 5:16). Very nice job on the kick slide. In this play, he looks like he could play LT in the NFL. (3rd 4:48). Shows his quickness when pulling on this play, even though the play went to the other side. (3rd 3:36).

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