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Thread: How Eating Once a Day Helped Me Lose Weight...

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    Re: How Eating Once a Day Helped Me Lose Weight...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mouldsie View Post
    When fasting or in a caloric deficit it's important to do weight training. This will essentially tell your body that muscle is important for it's survival and help preserve it. It's especially important if you're doing long bouts of steady state cardio or even high paced walking in a fasted state. You will burn more fat while doing so (good) but also more muscle that way (not good). The body just wants energy and takes from wherever it can get it. One strategy to reduce the muscle breakdown (good) and mostly stimulate fat loss only (good) is to drink some green tea and to consume BCAA's and a protein shake 30-60 min before the workout or some lean meat 2-3 hours prior and BCAA's 15 min prior. Essentially the protein and more specifically BCAA's (branched chain amino acids) and even more specifically Leucine will turn on the right switches to motivate your body to maintain its muscle mass and take energy from the pool of fatty acids instead.

    We want to burn more fat for obvious reasons and we want to keep our muscle for obvious reasons but also not so obvious ones. More muscle = more calories burned at a resting state for example.

    Didn't mean to write it in such simple terms but you get used to that when the people who mostly ask for help dont want to be confused by science and jargon haha

    I should be a BCAA salesman, feel like I've written about it a lot lately lol
    IMO it's a staple supplement for dieters along with Omega-3's

    Some people hate on supps and rightfully so as some are snake oil. I am not saying you cant achieve without my recommendations, but if they are 100% safe and can help optimize results as well as health, why not? Work hard and work smart.
    Yeah, I think I'll try the amino acids and green tea before the workout. Are you suggesting taking a protein shake before AND after the workout?

    I already take fish oil supplements and a multi-vitamin, so my Omega-3s are covered there.

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    Re: How Eating Once a Day Helped Me Lose Weight...

    Well I was working under the assumption you eat your meal(s) after the workout but some extra protein usually doesnt hurt after. Track your results (weight/body fat %) and strength and make adjustments if they are not where you desire.

    If I had to choose the better time of the two, I would choose pre-workout. It probably should just be whatever is most convenient.

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    Re: How Eating Once a Day Helped Me Lose Weight...

    There are many ways to lose weight. Your diet and/or exercise is the obvious way you lose weight. The key to keeping it off is coming up with a plan that works for you in the long-term that will ensure you will keep all or most of the weight off for years to come.

    Too many people go on a diet that's either not sustainable or they can't individually sustain over the long haul. Once they lose the weight they eventually need to go back to eating a normal diet. Especially if it's somebody who is starving themselves then they lose the weight and go back to eating normal. When that happens they lower their metabolism even more and after they go back to eating normal they end up putting the weight back on and then some because their metabolism is lower.

    The key is to find a diet that you can live with for years to come and not just the short term. The key isn't to lose the weight it's to be able to keep all or most of it off as years go on.

    When I was 15 I weighed 245 pounds. In one summer vacation after working out and changing my eating habits I was down to 200 pounds. After a couple more months into the school year I was down to 180 pounds.

    I still ate foods I liked but in moderation which is the key. If you starve yourself or just eat foods you can't continue to eat you will eventually put the weight back on. I stayed at that weight till about 20 years old or so. Over the next 10+ years I've floated between 180-200 pounds or so but it's been 18+ years and I've kept the weight off for the most part. I just changed my eating habits for the long-term.

    I'm not in the same shape as I was then since I ended up hurting my back and can't lift weights, etc anymore but changing a diet I could live with for the long haul made it able to not put it all back on, etc. Once you get used to the new diet and eating what you like in moderation you can continue that forever without even thinking about it anymore.

    I know too many people that almost starve themselves or eat nothing but veggies for the most part to lose a bunch of weight. Sure you will lose the weight but every single one of them people put it all back on within a year because they didn't form a diet that works for them and eventually went back to a diet like a regular human being or eating a diet like they did before. I tried telling many of them but they wouldn't listen and wanted the fast, easy and quick results that they couldn't possibly do forever.

    It's a lifestyle change you need to be willing to do forever if you want to keep all or most of the weight off. That's why coming up with a diet you can do for the rest of your life is the number one key to losing and keeping it off.

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