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Thread: Assassins Creed III

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    Re: Assassins Creed III

    Quote Originally Posted by IlluminatusUIUC View Post
    Didn't get a chance to play the single player, but the multiplayer was intriguing. It's like the game "Assassins" that people play with Nerf guns on a college campus. I wish I could figure out how to stun though. I died 6 times, and at least 4 of them I id'd the guy chasing me but I couldn't do anything about it.
    1) The button used to kill is the same for stun

    2)You have to be sneaky about it, if you directly try to stun them you will fail, some abilities can buy you some time to run up to them and stun them(tripwire, throwing knives, disruption)

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    Re: Assassins Creed III

    This game is amazing. Got it yesterday. Brotherhood is still my favorite though.
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