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Thread: BBD: Prospect Preview NFLPA Bowl

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    BBD: Prospect Preview NFLPA Bowl

    This game is in itís second year and has made a few key changes this year. First off they no longer are allowing declared juniors to play in their game so for the first year the NFL will allow their scouts to attend. Secondly the game has paired with ESPN to both televise the game and also show four hours of practice coverage on Thursday January 17th. This will be the only game that will reportedly show any practice this week.
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    Re: BBD: Prospect Preview NFLPA Bowl

    I think that Ray Ray Armstrong is a player who might interest the Bills. As I understand it, the defense that the Jets ran calls for a big strong safety for all the times that they play with extra DBs. This, I'm guessing, is so that they don't make themselves completely vulnerable to getting gashed by running plays in passing situations. Ray Ray Armstrong sounds exactly like that kind of safety. He is big, but he's also pretty fast for that size.

    I know that Pettine has said he's going to taylor the defense to the personnel that the Bills have, but you know that his comfort level is going to be higher the more he can import from the Jets' defensivey system that he's worked with for so long. Buffalo could re-sign Bryon Scott who played linebacker this past year, but could move back to safety and fill that need for a big safety. However, he has probably slowed down some,being on the wrong side of 30.
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