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Thread: The JATM gets healthy. Thread 2.

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    Re: The JATM gets healthy. Thread 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blondie View Post
    I didn't take anything as an "attack"

    You are giving off false information.

    Running does NOT have negative impact on your joints. It's the OPPOSITE.

    Evidence supports that running is good for circulation, and reduces stress on the body as a WHOLE.

    Telling people the opposite, as you did, is a lie.

    That's all I am saying.
    A "lie" eh.

    See if you can follow this.

    Cartilage and bursa sacs are cushions between the bones.

    Think of a cushion on your couch. As narrow as your ass is, sitting on the cushion compresses it....over time it will lose it's elasticity and you will have to buy a new cushion.

    The same is true for the cushions in your joints, excessively compressing them at high impact wears them out faster than lower impact motion.

    Pretty simple, but evidently not for you.

    Put running aside for a moment. Repetitive motion in any endeavor, over time, will result in what's called overuse injuries. Micro tears and micro fractures build up and generally are the culprits. Throwing a baseball...swinging a tennis racket or a golf club result in problems later on.

    Running is the same whether you would like to believe it or not....regardless of your "evidence" which was obviously written in crayon.

    Maybe you can take a few more courses and jump to the bigs where the books you are capable of reading actually have lettered typing.
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