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Thread: Mark Steenhuis pays tribune to Peterborough Lakers superfan

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    Mark Steenhuis pays tribune to Peterborough Lakers superfan

    Mark Steenhuis paid tribute to a Peterborough Century 21 Lakers fan last week which comforted her grieving husband.

    Susan Little was a Steenhuis fanatic. She and her husband Bob Parkin were long-time season ticket holders and Susan met Steenhuis several times and had photos taken with him.

    Two days after Susan and Bob watched the Lakers win the Mann Cup last fall, by streaming games on their TV, she was killed in a vehicle collision.

    Prior to the Lakers first home game on May 31, Parkin approached Steenhuis with a unique request. Would he put some of Susan's ashes in his socks during the game in her honour? He also presented Steenhuis with some of Susan's homemade wine.

    "Without batting an eye, he said he'd very much like to do that for Susan," Parkin said. "He said, 'If I score a goal or get an assist would you like me to save the ball for you?' I told him that would be wonderful. He told me now that he's on defence he doesn't score as often."

    Sitting with eight to 10 fans who knew what was happening, Parkin said they cheered madly every time Steenhuis got the ball.

    "What made it more intense is he had two breakaways and didn't score and a third where he scored and it didn't count," Parkin said.

    "With about five minutes left he had another breakaway and he did score."
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    Re: Mark Steenhuis pays tribune to Peterborough Lakers superfan

    Who is Mark Steenhuis?
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    Re: Mark Steenhuis pays tribune to Peterborough Lakers superfan

    Quote Originally Posted by Swiper View Post
    Who is Mark Steenhuis?
    He's a forward with the NLL's Buffalo Bandits and has been with the orange & black since 2003.

    When he's not with the Bandits, he plays for the Peterborough Lakers of Ontario's Major Series Lacrosse.
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