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Thread: Bengals' RB Walton arrested... again

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    Bengals' RB Walton arrested... again

    When you’re a fourth-round pick who is coming off a rookie season that saw you play a really limited role, your best bet is probably to lay low, spend your offseason working out, and arrive for Year 2 as ready as you could possibly be.

    Or you can do what Mark Walton has done.

    Third arrest in less than three months


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    Re: Bengals' RB Walton arrested... again

    Here's a nifty piece of prose from one of the Bengals fan forums:

    "Walton, already facing battery and marijuana charges from two earlier arrests, runs from cops after a traffic stop. They tasered him, but since he's an NFL running back he just heroically pulled the prongs out and took off. They couldn't catch him.

    Running from the police is a time-honored way of staying in shape for NFL players in the off-season, but this dude had weed, a rifle, and several fully loaded clips in the car. No thanks. Goodbye to that 4th round pick. Mike better not try to redeem this dude.

    Driving around Miami with a rifle and several fully loaded clips is a recipe for disaster, and cutting ties with Walton now is the only way to deal with this.”

    He was cut Saturday...
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