Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Miyagi, we running a BillsZone Raffle.

The funds from this raffle will go toward the hosting fee that I paid a few weeks ago. We were short this year and need to raise more funds.

Miyagi has donated a blue Jim Kelly jersey! The size is 48.

To purchase a raffle ticket, simply click on the Donate tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to Raffle Ticket, select the $5.00 option and click order. This will send a donation to the Zone PayPal account.

Alternatively, you can also order a subscription (Silver, Gold or Platinum). If you get a one year subscription, you will get "extra" entries, in addition to one per $5 of the subscription value

For a silver ($25 a year) you would get one extra entry for a total of 6 (5 +1)
For a gold ($50 a year) you would get three extra entries for a total of 13 (10 +3)
For a Platinum ($100 a year) you would get seven extra entries for a total of 27 (20 +7)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I will post a picture later and will ship it to the winner.