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Thread: Would you trade?

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    Re: Would you trade?

    Kane doesn't win any without Toews at 1C. Centre is the more important position and 3 cup Kane has finished in the basement the last 2 years so if that is the pattern, why would the Sabres ever consider this on top of him making 10.5 for the next 4 seasons including this one.

    Now for the I've had a few beers assessment of Eichel is this: He is an offensive all-star, the numbers prove it and it is not refutable but in my opinion, he isn't a leader. No one says he has to be one, but if someone doesn't step up to do it while waiting on Eichel, as the big money man, it is going to continue to be a mess. You can win with him because he should be able to always produce, even more now that Skinner is staying but he probably shouldn't be the captain. Tough to take it away but I think someone just needs to step up and lead the team and that will help them take another step. /unsolicitedSabresrant

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    Re: Would you trade?

    Quote Originally Posted by coastal View Post
    BLow your scope... Iím drunk
    You and Kane can take a taxi to stupidville. Maybe he'll ask you to pay.
    Welcome to Buffalo Henri Jokiharju

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