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Thread: Baldy's Breakdown of Tremaine Edmonds

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    Re: Baldy's Breakdown of Tremaine Edmonds

    Quote Originally Posted by MitchMurrayDowntown View Post
    That’s a strong statement.
    Oh the irony... You've made hundreds of strong statements over the years on this site...

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    Re: Baldy's Breakdown of Tremaine Edmonds

    Quote Originally Posted by Ingtar33 View Post
    Cool our jets on the kid.

    He was the weakest link on the field in zone defense for large chunks of the year last year. Heck that Ravens game was just Joe Flacco finding him in the zone and throwing behind him because he was often lost out there. He got better toward the end of the year, but he still struggled at times in pass defense, and often bit hard on play action.

    That's not to say he doesn't have promise, just he's not there yet. He made some plays, yes, but more often he was directly responsible for a number of large defensive breakdowns, and in my book was more of a negative then a positive for most of the year (again, he got better, his last 3 games he was fairly competent, so we saw some great growth, but lets not go crazy yet)
    I'm with you on this one.
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    Re: Baldy's Breakdown of Tremaine Edmonds

    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic Wild Man View Post
    My biggest concern for him is keeping his noggin healthy. Didn't he have 2 concussions last year? We won't have to worry about him having All-Pro talent if he doesn't keep his melon safe.
    Yes. Concussions breed concussions. If the NFL does not start using a safer helmet soon we'll be watching flag football in a decade. The evidence of CTE is mounting big time.

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