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Thread: Chris Cuomo/Fredo

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    Re: Chris Cuomo/Fredo

    Quote Originally Posted by CommissarSpartacus View Post
    Yeah, but they lead to unpredictable consequences.

    I prefer not to leave my fate to the courts.
    If I was in Canada I might share your sentiment.

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    Re: Chris Cuomo/Fredo

    Quote Originally Posted by Haile SpikedLemonade View Post
    One of the fat housewife's husband come home early from ice fishing and caught you with your dick in his wife's ass?
    Actually 2 teenagers that were being very rude in front of some elderly ladies. So I taught them a lesson about rudeness and they taught me a lesson about fighting at my age, a win win situation.
    A very disturbing trend in Canada now is that Justin Trudeau's behavior and lies have become 'acceptable' . . . more disturbing yet is his cabinet of brain-dead penguins have accepted his criminal behavior and have surrounded and support him. Those same brain-dead penguins have a lesser grasp of 'ethics' than their leader . . . . this country is in deep poo.

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