This is a battle that stems from when the Expos moved to DC and became the Nationals. MLB gave Peter Angelos (the Orioles owner) concessions since the Nationals were cutting into his market. They created a TV station called MASN to show the games for both teams and initially Angelos got 90% of the profits, with that percentage gradually decreasing to 67% until 2012, then the Orioles and Nats were supposed to renegotiate.

The Orioles insisted that the Nationals share should be around $197 million for 2012-2016. The Nationals said it should be closer to $300 million. It dragged in court and arbitration for years (Angelos and his kids are shyster lawyers) and finally got decided in the Nationals' favor.

While I'm glad my team is finally getting their money (especially since Rendon is gonna get a huge payday), this is really bad for the Orioles. Angelos is very old and his health is declining, so his kids have mostly been running the team. Between the Nationals, the Orioles being so bad on the field, and people being afraid to go into Baltimore city, the O's attendance is way down (and so is their revenue). Before this news broke, there were rumors that the Angelos family might either sell the team or keep them and move to Nashville. I'm not sure if they can afford to keep them in Baltimore now.