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Thread: The Blame Game - Allen vs. Daboll

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    Re: The Blame Game - Allen vs. Daboll

    Rolling out and hitting Beasley and Brown on short slants isn't all that hard and 20-30 of those calls could be easily added to the play calling.

    Same goes for Singletary and whoever he rotates with next year (off-season add).
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    Re: The Blame Game - Allen vs. Daboll

    I'm not a big fan of the blame game. The Bills offense improved in 2019 over 2018. Granted, it needs to get a lot better in 2020, but I want to see what continuity looks like. Allen will have another year of experience and training to make up for the deficiencies in his college background and Daboll should have some additional quality pieces with which to assemble his giant puzzle. What I am a fan of is continuity. If next year looks like a disaster, then maybe I'll start to think that some heads need to roll, but I'm just not there yet, and I hope I never will be.
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    Re: The Blame Game - Allen vs. Daboll

    1. Bills use the EP Offensive System which is very complicated.

    There's a reason only a few teams use it. The system doesn't help young QBs or WRs which is one reason why rookie WR fail when drafted by the Pats who use the same system. Maybe this is part of reason why Foster is failing to develope.

    2. Allen made improvements but still:
    - has trouble reading defenses
    - has accuracy issues

    As a result, a lot of points are left on the field.

    If Allen hit just 50% of the wide open bombs, this changes the entire offense.

    3. DaBoll to the box: to solve some of these issues, DaBoll went to the box and communicates with Allen up to the 15sec mark.

    The offense improved as a result

    4. Panic & Hero Ball: When things break down, Josh relies on athleticism.

    Unlike Russell Wilson or Maholmes, who can make something out of nothing because they understand the game, Allen rolls right and hopes someone is open. When defenses took this away, Allen didn't have anywhere to go and we saw the mental errors.

    5. Too Conservative: Partly as a result, the Bills Offense limited JA's attempt and tried to put him in a favorable position.

    The con was that this strategy resulted in a lot of 3 and outs and lower scoring.

    The pro was that JAs turnovers decreased substantial.

    In the playoffs, when they needed more from JA, he didn't have the practice.

    How many times did JA run a 2min offense in the regular season? Not many, Bills would typically kneel it. As a result, when they needed it, the entire offense didn't know how to perform.

    --- The Solutions ----

    1. JA needs to be able to hit the open WR in stride.

    If he continues to miss open opportunities he's not the guy.

    2. Open up the offense

    3. Get a real #1 WR. I would rather spend the $ on AJ Green (3yr deal) and draft a WR and know if Allen is the guy than have doubt at the end of next season.

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    Re: The Blame Game - Allen vs. Daboll

    Quote Originally Posted by TigerJ View Post
    I'm not a big fan of the blame game. The Bills offense improved in 2019 over 2018. .

    thats with 9 new players trying to learn a new system and a raw qb .

    Id like to see what they can do in the 2nd year playing together in the same system with added better talent.

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    Re: The Blame Game - Allen vs. Daboll

    I don't know why some are baffled by the timeline and business model. I've always been a proponent of building defense first...building an oline...getting your QB if the opportunity is there...filling in with skill players. As far as I'm concerned, especially considering they've made the playoffs in less-than-year-2 of drafting their QB and plugging him in, things are progressing OK.

    Of course, I'm also a proponent of hiring competent coordinators, and won't dismiss the possibility that this offense would have been at least a few pts per game better...a little more efficient...with a different play designer and play-caller. Sure, maybe somebody can counter that with 'that's just speculation you don't know that' but the reality is it isn't's based on Daboll's resume' and track record, so we kinda do know that, actually.
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