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Thread: Worst Movie you ever seen?

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    Re: Worst Movie you ever seen?

    Quote Originally Posted by JATMtheJATM View Post
    Its sexist? ****. I did it the last two girls. One I never did get to propose to.
    a lot of people still expect it, including women, but yeah.... grown ass women shouldn't need their father's permission to do anything.

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    Re: Worst Movie you ever seen?

    Quote Originally Posted by Historian View Post
    I never cared for any Kubrick films, and my daughter bought me a three pack (Shining, Clockwork, 2001) for Father's Day, lol

    Even Nicholson couldn't save The Shining.

    Lair of the White Worm was dumb too.... Not into Ken Russell at all either.
    The Shining is overrated.
    Eyes Wide Shut: only thing good in that movie was the nudity.
    Full Metal Jacket: 1st part of movie =excellent. 2nd part of movie=yawn

    Never seen any of his other movies. I read Spartacus was good.
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