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Thread: Let's just put it this way....

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    Well, lookie here...
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    Re: Let's just put it this way....


    How was everybody's day today?

    I'm guessing pretty good considering the outcome of the game lat night.......?
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    Re: Let's just put it this way....

    Quote Originally Posted by YardRat View Post

    How was everybody's day today?

    I'm guessing pretty good considering the outcome of the game lat night.......?
    I have a Bills Tommy Bahama shirt, lots of compliments today.

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    Re: Let's just put it this way....

    Quote Originally Posted by YardRat View Post

    How was everybody's day today?

    I'm guessing pretty good considering the outcome of the game lat night.......?

    Never has wearing my Jim Kelly jersey on Victory Monday or Tuesday felt so damn good.
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    Re: Let's just put it this way....

    Quote Originally Posted by Skooby View Post
    I have a Bills Tommy Bahama shirt, lots of compliments today.
    I wore my blue wool bills jacket with the white leather arms to run errands yesterday, and got a few points and nods.
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    Re: Let's just put it this way....

    Well...the topic of this thread to me is lack of respect for the Bills and what they have accomplished....and expectation that it's all a mirage and they inevitably will **** it up.....going back to the first few games of the season.

    It was stared the day after the first game of the season....and pretty much just continued the disrespect from last season, with literally zero comprehension that the off season for the Bills was HUGELY consequential.

    And right off the bat, the "predictions" (I liken it more to sour grapes and a perfect illustration of crapy fans) were full of gloom & I said in my first post on this thread, it was "And our resident Negafan is back"

    And that negativity and MASSIVE disrespect continued NO MATTER HOW THE BILLS PERFORMED, and no matter how much the Bills were obviously progressing in a HUGE way, and especially as compared to the rest of the league.

    That negativity because a lame badge of fake bravado and maintaining an unrealistic narrow vision became much more important than actually reacting to what was happening right before our eyes.

    Sorry....but the disrespect was NOT earned, when literally every win was not good enough on style points.....and every loss was overinflated as to importance on what the usual ebb and flow of a long NFL season entail....meant to bolster an unsustainable baloney negative "analysis" that was not "analysis" at all, but more clinging desperately to a preconceived notion built up over 25 years of disappointment.

    Well....all Bills fans have been disappointed....Jesus...ALL NFL FANS have been disappointed year after year at some time or another.

    With that said....the DISRESPECT for the Bills and their achievements has NOT gone unnoticed by the is a very interesting ESPN post from today....the quote from Dion Dawkins and Jerry Hughes are especially pertinent....

    Bills transitioning from underdog to a big dog in AFC as playoffs approach

    The Buffalo Bills are a team of underdogs. It's not an insult, rather a logical observationwhen looking at the collection of players and coaches who have assembled in Buffalo since 2017.

    Throughout the Bills' organization, you'll find people who have been fired, cast off, released, replaced, etc. The mentality to prove their detractors wrong fuels their identity, especially in a city that's had a permanent chip bullied onto its shoulder over the past two decades by the New England Patriots.

    "Yeah, I think if you're wired the right way I think it motivates anyone. It should," Bills coach Sean McDermott said. "That's how I've lived my life and how I think a lot of the guys in the locker room have lived their life to this point. They've been counted out before and they just continue to prove people wrong."

    Buffalo has used that underdog mentality, a perceived lack of respect, to its advantage this season. After dismantling the Patriots on Monday Night Football, the Bills sit at 12-3 and currently would be the No. 2 seed in the AFC. With a win against the Miami Dolphins in Week 17 (1 p.m. ET, CBS), Buffalo can secure at least two home playoff games if it keeps winning.

    Therein lies unfamiliar territory for the Bills, however. After flying under-the-radar for most of the 2020 NFL season and rightfully claiming a lack of national respect, nobody is sleeping on this team anymore. They were the No. 2 team in ESPN's Power Rankings last week before dropping behind Green Bay to No. 3 this week, and are now discussed as the biggest threat to the Kansas City Chiefs, the AFC's reigning champion.

    The Bills' days as the underdog are rapidly coming to a close, if not finished already. So how does a team continue to push forward without one of its core motivational chips?

    "You can ride that underdog deal for some amount of time," McDermott said. "But when you become good, I guess is the best way to say it, at some point you have to also know how to be good. I think that comes over time.

    "What you're seeing is a maturation and professionalism and leadership of our players."

    Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins called Monday's game "the next one on our schedule," dismissing the idea they needed to prove themselves against the AFC East's reigning champ in the Patriots.

    Dawkins also recognized the shift in Buffalo's mentality and perception across the league.

    "It just shows that we have evolved as an organization and a team, that we're nobody's little brother," he said. "We're nobody’s little cousin, little dog -- no, we are here, you're going to respect us, you're going to play us hard. You're going to circle us on your schedule and we're going to give you the hardest 60 minutes of football that you've ever seen.

    "And we're going to keep doing it over and over again."

    Dawkins was one of the first pieces in the Bills' culture shift, as the second player drafted under the McDermott regime in 2017. Defensive end Jerry Hughes, on the other hand, is Buffalo's longest-tenured player and has been with the team since 2013. His experience with the Bills has given him a different perspective -- that the "underdog mentality" is not the same as having a chip on your shoulder.

    "Chip on your shoulder, target on your back -- it stays the same. You understand that there's always someone gunning for you," Hughes said. "We understand that even from a position standpoint. The guys in the D-line room want to take my spot, so you know it's always competition. We're never afraid of that. But the chip on your shoulder never leaves. Until we bring back a Lombardi trophy and a bunch of other accolades to Orchard Park, that chip is going to stay just because that's who we are.

    "People don't respect us, they don't expect us to do the things that we do. We've got a quarterback that's been barely sacked and no offensive linemen in the Pro Bowl. We've got a slot [receiver Cole Beasley] that's killing it and he doesn't get a Pro Bowl. We've got guys who are talented and still aren't getting the respect around this league that they deserve. So that's just going to be there until they understand that we are the Buffalo Bills and we're here to play."

    After five double-digit wins since Week 12, the football world is running out of excuses not to show the Bills the respect they've earned.
    What is not unusual is the disrespect around the league that the Bills have had to overcome because of years of futility. What is VERY unusual is the refusal of some "fans" to recognize that the WHOLE Bills organization is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the first FIFTY FOUR YEARS of their existence.

    New front head players (only two left from the previous regime)....and especially NEW QB that the Bills front office FINALLY did their freakin homework and did WHATEVER IT TOOK TO GO GET THEIR GUY!!!!

    I have said this time after time after time. For the first TWENTY THREE YEARS of the Bills existence they NEVER used a first round pick on a QB.

    In FIFTY THREE YEARS of the Bills existence, they NEVER used their first draft pick on a QB. The time used their second first round pick on Jim Kelly.....Ralph Wilson (may he rest in peace) REFUSED TO PAY HIM and he wasted the first THREE years of his pro career in the crappy USFL.

    In 2004, when one of the best QB classes since 1983 was apparent, the Bills ****ed it up and could not move up to get their guy and inexplicably moved back into the 1st round to **** it up even more by reaching for JP Losman.

    In 2013, one of the WORST QB classes since the JaMarcus Russel debacle in 2007....the clueless Bills "brain trust" ****ed it up AGAIN by reaching for Ej Manuel....who did not deserve to be any higher than a third round pick.

    Which brings us to 2020 in that is it obvious (or should be) to any cognizant Bills fan that the new regime was not anything like the crap of the the past 54 years and was putting together a NEW team that hadsky high potential.

    What is VERY unusual is the almost purposeful blindness to that reality which resulted in some of the worst and biased disrespect directed at the Bills....EVEN AFTER THEY PERFORMED AT A VERY HIGH LEVEL....from supposed Bills "fans".

    THAT is what this thread is ALL about, and why it because an epic one for the ages.

    The last sentence rings oh so true....

    "After five double-digit wins since Week 12, the football world is running out of excuses not to show the Bills the respect they've earned."

    Time for all Bills fans to move away from the expectation of the Bills ****ing it up....and move into the world of high expectations with the reality that this is the NEW BILLS that are built to contend year after year after year.
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