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Thread: Is the issue with our offense, Beasely?

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    Re: Is the issue with our offense, Beasely?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mace View Post
    Might be true, but they wrecked people just the same early, and those were better teams with the same scouting. The offense struggles now, because passes aren't caught. The offense talent positions remain pretty healthy. They slumped as bad or worse last year without Dorsey and with Daboll. He should't need to put his stamp on the offense, they were there own stamp up until the bye. Allen is about more than an elbow, which happened later. You've seen the dropped balls when they were in the right place.

    I still don't see it being exclusively Dorsey though I see an OC struggling to figure out what happened as much as any of us are, because it's peculiar.
    The lack of identity and creativity, the poor execution and decision making can all point back to a lack of leadership. Not sure that that is their problem but there does seem to be a big void there since Daboll's departure. From Doresy's outburst and the term psychopath being tossed around, to the qb telling Dorsey to use the microphone at mini camp so he can get used to hearing the calls (and not the other way around), all points to this guy not being the leader that they need at this time. The hot start can easily be the effect from last year's system combined with focused offseason the organization seemed to have.

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    Re: Is the issue with our offense, Beasely?

    I understand Beasley has made it very clear he's done with pro football. Whatever might be wrong with the Bills offense at the slot position, the solution going forward cannot include Beasley. Beane will have to find other options.
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    Re: Is the issue with our offense, Beasely?

    Quote Originally Posted by ParanoidAndroid View Post
    No. I didn't make your point.

    The only way to argue that is to not read the rest of my post.

    Besides that, football is a team sport and being a teammate on and off the field matters.

    Nice try, though.
    He and Josh were on the same page with that issue.
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