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Thread: Fire Frazier

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    Re: Fire Frazier

    Quote Originally Posted by notacon View Post
    Except Frazier was not fired.
    Hey gone is gone. I did not wish him ill, just to be no longer here.
    Insert whimsical line here

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    Re: Fire Frazier

    It looks like McDermott wants to see some philosophical changes on the defense, maybe to be more aggressive, and it didn’t sit well with Frazier. To save face and not have an issue, they let him tender his resignation as opposed to being fired. Or maybe Frazier wasn’t “threatened”, if you will, and simply didn’t feel he was the right person to get this defense nasty. He is a really nice man.

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    Re: Fire Frazier

    He's gone. Move on.

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    Re: Fire Frazier

    A stellar article from Tim Grahnm of The Athletic today, that epitomizes some of the crap we see from so-called “fans”....

    Graham: Why Bills fans got their fickle wish with Leslie Frazier’s exit

    Four months ago, Buffalo Bills fans were asking me about defensive coordinator candidates if Leslie Frazier left for a head coaching job.

    This week, the Bills announced Frazier has decided to leave the team for 2023.

    Much of the fan reaction was pathetic.

    Fans feverishly celebrated the departure of a leader who is beloved by his players, who had a significant role in establishing an exemplary culture after nearly two decades of misery, who helped turn a laughingstock into a Super Bowl contender.

    The attitude was predictable, however. My most recent mailbag was stuffed with questions and comments about firing Frazier, firing offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, firing head coach Sean McDermott, firing general manager Brandon Beane and firing just about everyone aside from the medical staff.

    At least with Frazier, Bills fans have gotten their fickle wish.

    Frazier interviewed for three top NFL jobs last year, and now there’s a segment of Buffalo’s fan base glad he’s no longer anywhere near the staff.

    As one of Frazier’s defensive assistants told me here at the NFL Scouting Combine, “It’s embarrassing anybody could get so pumped up about losing Coach Frazier. He’s a pillar.”

    Sweeping changes aren’t coming to Buffalo’s defensive schemes, which have thrived for several years despite consecutive postseason collapses.

    The Bills this week expressed little concern about making a smooth transition because there won’t be much of one.
    While fans acted as though Frazier locked McDermott out of closed-door defensive meetings and unilaterally called blitzes and coverages without input, the Bills always have, in fact, deployed McDermott’s defensive desires.

    That’s why the Bills still might not have staged a search for Frazier’s replacement even if he’d informed them of his plans immediately after the season. Maybe they would have interviewed Vic Fangio and Steve Wilks, but my sense is there would not have been a hot pursuit of anybody outside the organization.


    Mr. Graham is being kind when he describes the Bills “fans” as “fickle”. There are a lot more descriptive and accurate words that come to mind....but....the sensitivity of too many “fans” is just too fragile to cite them.

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