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You have to ride the highs and lows. I can't get caught up in the game to game ups and downs. Growth isnt static. Regression happens. That's what this season is. A series of regressions. Guys getting injured and struggling to heal and get comfortable.

It's disappointing. I'm frustrated. At times Im fed up. But I have to look at things through a wide lens.

Benson is 18 years old. 5 foot 10, and listed under 160 pounds. He's going to get pushed around until he fills out and figures out the NHL game. If he's 23 and having the same issues, yeah. I'll be worried.
I'm just under 5'10" and when I graduated college I weighted around 165. I was a beanpole. I had no muscle mass. I can't imagine trying to compete physically with NHL players at that size .