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Thread: My Economics teacher

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    Re: My Economics teacher

    Quote Originally Posted by DraftBoy View Post
    Today im sitting in Economics class, talking about the situation in Iraq, and I being my self say that we should just bomb them to hell and then go with the ground forces like the last time which by the way lasted only 4.1 days. I dont see the dilema, who in there right mind can believe this complete and other crap flowing from that evil mans mouth. If Im in the president's seat (and god helping I will be there one day) I would call Sadamm on the phone and say "Hey Saddam you wanna know how to make Nuke's? I UPS you one via a B-52 bomber and drop right on your little country." Its quite simple if you ask me, but know back to my Econ teacher. I really hate this woman with a passion and she is a democrat and an enviromentalist to boot. So she says that Bush should concentrate more on domestice not international affairs. So I say to her "Excuse but Ms. ***** I would rather be poor, than dead, but hey maybe thats just me." She threw me right out of class, so my question to you all is since when is a senior in high school not allowed to express his opinion in class, why does this teacher get to act like a dictator, when she preaches about democracy? I really hate her, did I mention that yet? Anyways any thoughts are welcome about my econ teacher or about the situation in Iraq.
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    Re: My Economics teacher

    Quote Originally Posted by Cntrygal View Post
    Yes, Respect is earned. BUT, here's an example for you. In the military - even if your boss/commander is (IYO) an idiot. You don't have to respect him/her - just their RANK. Always respectful of the rank. So even if you don't respect your teacher as an individual - do your best to "respect the TEACHER/PROFESSOR". As a side note - diplomacy (and picking your time) usually makes quite the impact.

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