Possible 2024 Bills Draft Targets

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    • Sep 2023
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    Possible 2024 Bills Draft Targets

    Get to know: LSU wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr.

    While this draft projects to be a historically good one, Thomas Jr. comes in as my fourth overall wide receiver, and would be one of the true immediate impact players the Bills could add.Thomas Jr. has great size, standing at 6-foot-4 and over 200 pounds (will get official measurements at the NFL Combine), but is not your standard tall receiver.

    His best attribute is his acceleration and long speed, making him a matchup nightmare for defensive backs, and allows him to be a big play waiting to happen.

    When you look at the Bills this past season, the team desperately needed someone who can stretch the field using their speed. Buffalo just simply did not have that available at Allen's disposal.