If we don't go WR in round 1.

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  • Canadian'eh!
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    • Mar 2004
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    If we don't go WR in round 1.

    For the record, I hope we do.

    But some other guys I like if they were to NOT go WR in round 1:

    DB Cooper DeJean - Iowa - But I'm moving him to Safety.

    S Tyler Nubin - Minn - Ballhawk, Fantastic covering Tight Ends. i'd take him over Kinchens (Who is a big play machine but also seems inconsistent.)

    DL Byron Murphy - Better Run defender than Newton, pairing him with Oliver would cause teams nightmares.

    C Jackson Powers-Johnson - Going to be an elite C for a long time.

    Wouldn't complain if they went with one of these 4.
  • Mace
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    • Mar 2013
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    Re: If we don't go WR in round 1.

    I think DeJean would be perfect in the Micah Hyde role. Great athlete, excels in zone, ballhawk, speed, a hitter. If necessary down the road, he'd be perfect for the Poyer role as well.

    Like I've said, I expect them to do certain things, whether I like it or not. Bates will follow Morse, they'll try and find a vet FA to replace Hyde, a new WR will sit like Shakir did, DL a possibility because they rotate, with Jones coming back another year. If it's a deep WR draft, I think Beane holds off. We held off until Knox in a deep TE draft, and traded for Diggs in a deep WR draft. There were a couple deep drafts at positions, where we could have used one and never did.

    But yes, I'd be happy with any of those, delighted with DeJean or Powers-Johnson in particular.