Matt Reynolds, OT, Brigham Young University

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    Matt Reynolds, OT, Brigham Young University

    Matt Reynolds*, OT, BYU
    Height: 6-6. Weight: 325.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.10.
    Projected Round (2011):

    Preseason Comments:

    7/24/2010- Reynolds is the top left tackle prospect at this point. He has everything you want, massive frame, athleticism, and long enough arms. He kick slides very well and can stay with most every defensive end. Hes technically sound for the most part. Some teams may question his quickness for the left side and we may hear talk of him moving to the right side. However, with his size and athleticism, and technique, he should be able to play on the left side in the NFL, IMO. Matt is also a tough player who fractured his hand in his sophomore season and never missed a game. Hes a junior and may not declare but if his stock stays steady or rises, he may make the jump. He could be the first BYU player to be selected in the first round since 2000 (Rob Morris).


    9/5/2010- vs. Washington

    1st Qtr:
    14:11- Nice job kick sliding to create the wall. Not very quick, but adequate. Starts at RT.
    13:40- Shows very good leverage, his hand placement is right where it should be.
    * moved to LT
    9:07- Not a great job of creating the pocket. Moved around enough to get the block. May not have the feet to play LT in the NFL, he doesn't appear quick enough. He lumbers around a bit.
    * They move him from LT to RT based on which QB is in the game, Nelson is left handed. So, he's always protecting the blindside.
    5:55- Better job of sliding and creating the pocket on this play.
    2:20- Hes a big guy who absorbs the rush well and has the frame and size to wall the defender off.
    1:15- Id like to see a bit more intensity on his run blocking. He can move the pile with his strength, but he doesn't play with as much intensity as you would like.

    2nd Qtr:
    12:08- Whiffed on multiple blocks at the knees throughout the game so far, this is another one.
    8:20- Creates the hole by walling off the defender.
    7:57- Not really being tested with a strong pass rush.
    4:47- Shows he can block down field and on the run.

    3rd Qtr:
    12:27- Nice heads up play. His pancakes his defender and then gets a 2nd block.
    10:59- Another cut block.
    4:23- Nice job pushing the rusher wide of the pocket. He has great strength.

    4th Qtr:
    11:35- Nice block at the second level. Showed good foot speed on this.
    10:28- Impressive cut block on the rusher which took him down.
    9:57- Not a good job at all. He lets the DE get inside of him and then tries to keep the block and falls down.

    Reynolds shows he can be a wall and a mauler. But he doesn't play with very good quickness relying instead on his strength and size. He may not be able to go to the left side in the NFL.


    Matt Reynolds OT BYU 6'6 328 lbs. Pros: If he enters early he very well could be one of the first few tackles taken in th...

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  • X-Era
    What this generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace
    • Feb 2005
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    Re: Matt Reynolds, OT, Brigham Young University