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Week 6 – Moral Victories

  I went back to Buffalo for a Pearl Jam concert. They are my favorite band, and they have always had a way of knowing my current mood. While standing in the FN Center, Eddie Vedder sang a lyric “wanna third second chance”. Then he talked about missing his daughter’s first goal that day and …

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Week 5 – Primetime Failure

Per usual, any Bills prime time game (no matter how big or how small) needs to be met with a level of disappointment that makes falling asleep after the loss difficult. This was a mini Cowboys MNF game. That was the game where I knew the Bills would most likely never be relevant again. The …

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Week 3 – 0-2 in the East

I made a bet with my boss (a Jet fan of Italian descent) that if the Bills won, we’d have to go to Olive Garden. If you are Italian, I’m told, this is just an incredible insult to what Italian food is. He agreed as long as I was willing to eat breaded chicken wings …

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Week 2 – The Volatility Begins

I left at the 1:36 mark of the fourth quarter. That’s right, I left. What’s more? You owe me a “thank you”. Last time I bailed on a early season Bills game was during Kelly’s come back game versus Miami (week 1 1989). I had already dealt with the Bills losing for most of my …

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Week 1- SOS – Same old S….

Celine Dion lied. My heart doesn’t go on. I loathe this organization. You could have taken any one of the Bills fans in the crowd with 6 minutes to play, and they would have all been saying the same thing, “slow it down now.” But the Bills insisted to keep their “up tempo” offense and …

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