November 11, 2013, www.26shirts.com was launched. A website that offers a new Bills related shirt every two weeks, all the proceeds from the sales will benefit a family in need.

The first shirt “Flash 88” will be available until November 24th and benefits the Lunn family. Amber Lunn is a two year with old retinoblastoma, a cancer within her eyes. She is currently fighting her battle against cancer. On October 25th, her right eye was removed because the tumor within it was too large to treat effectively and posed a large threat to her life.  In order to save her left eye, Amber now has to undergo monthly trips to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC for treatments. Amber and her family live in North Carolina, so the travel back and forth to New York adds up, as do the medical expenses.

To help support Amber you can visit www.26shirts.com or you can go-to www.ambersaspirations.com and enter to win a signed Mario Williams jersey (tickets are $5 each). Thanks for your support and Go Bills.Screen-Shot-2013-11-06-at-12.41.17-PM