10 Things You Should Know: Andre Reed



  1. Reed began his football career as a QB and led his high school team to a championship his senior year.
  2. Andre averaged 6.7 YPC rushing in his career. Running for 500 yards on just 75 carries. This ranks #2 in Bills history behind Rob Johnson. (min 75 carries)
  3. His 87 career touchdowns lead all Bills who are not named Ferguson or Kelly.
  4. Andre Reed is one of four DII players in the Football Hall of Fame.
  5. 13 Wide Receivers were taken before Reed in the 1985 draft, with a combined 24 Pro Bowls between them. Jerry Rice (13), Andre Reed (7), Al Toon (3) and Eddie Brown (1).
  6. Reed started 217 games in his career, which puts him 36th all-time, just ahead of former Bills Takeo Spikes (215) and Lawyer Milloy (213).
  7. Only three players have ever been drafted from Kutztown University, Reed, John Mobley (LB-DEN) and Don Shaver (RB-MIN).
  8. Andre Reed, Chris Carter and Jerry Rice are all mentioned in Jerry Maguire, during the character Rod Tidwell’s renegotiation. “Jerry Rice, Andre Reed, Chris Carter… I smell all these fools. They are making the big sweet dollars. They are making the… quan, and you are talking.”
  9. During his rookie training camp Reed wore #46, after making the team he changed his number to 83.
  10. In his Bills career Reed played with 11 starting QB’s. Can you name them?