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OFV – 2013 Pre-season predictions

It is almost the start of the 2013 NFL season and I can’t hardly wait. I know. I know. I ended last year on a big downer. I was anti-everything the Bills tried. I thought this rebuild would be as pathetic as the last couple. But two preseason games into campaign 2013, and I’m fired …

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Week 9 – Wreck-It Ralph

The Bills should take the advice of a recent children’s movie and “wreck it, Ralph.” The Bills have, if you can possibly believe, taken large steps forward from the Jauron regime, but still remain wildly undercoached. When Jauron left, there was no o-line, a struggling running game, questionable QB play and a talentless, undersized defense. …

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Bills Titans – Losing the Winnable games

Of late, museums are seemingly being built to try and get some tourism dollars into a struggling area. Cleveland got the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame simply because of a line from Spinal Tap. Kansas city is thinking about building a Museum for Suburbia, a museum for how you live right now. As we …

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One Fan’s View: San Chancisco: Another Bloody Beating

The Bills have been outscored 90-10 in the last 6 quarters of football. The coach left the podium saying, “I don’t know what’s wrong.” The most exciting player on our team is Leodis McKelvin, a first round pick who was a complete bust in his position selected and only returns kicks now. I’ve said this …

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Pats Week!!! So unfulfilling per usual

Why was this one so late? I am used to this showing up right after the game. This is already into my next game prep, Shenoy. What gives? Unless you liked reading a series a expletives followed by an unintelligible string of letters (mostly from slapping the keyboard out of anger), Monday’s article would have …

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